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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to make a cozy heart cushion

I love cozy, fluffy heart cushions, and so I would like to show you how to make them.

You need enough fabric and stuffing (for these cushions I use regular polyester stuffing, it is soft und fluffy and can be washed and/or whatever leftovers and scraps of fabrics, batting and threads I have - see here for my tutorial for stuffing cushions with even the tiniest scraps) for the size you want your cushion to be and some cardboard for the template.

In order to have two sides of the heart that are as similar as possible, the template is only half a heart. Trace your half-heart on your cardboard and cut it out, but consider that your finished heart will be a little bit smaller than your template, because you have to consider seam allowance and the effect of stuffing (when stuffing the cushion it will become thicker, but at the same time a little smaller in height and length).

Iron your fabric and fold it over on to itself and then place the template on top, aligning the middle (the "seam" between the two halfves of the heart) with the fold in the fabric.

Now, cutting around the outer part of the template, you will cut one complete heart with two perfectly matching sides. Cut another heart following the same procedure.

Place one heart shape on the table right side facing up and the second heart shape on the first shape right side facing down and make sure the two pieces are well aligned.

Pin them together and start sewing them together starting from one of the longer sides and sewing all the way around the heart almost to where you started.

Don't forget to make some backstitches to fix the seam at the beginning and the end and leave an opening of about 5cm/2in for stuffing.

Push the the fabric through the opening you left in the seam turning it inside out. Use a tool (a stick or long spoon will do) to turn the point and curves neatly out, if necessary.

Now it's time to stuff the cushion. Start putting your choice of stuffing into the heart through the opening you left on one of the sides. Keep on stuffing the cushion until it is as fluffy or hard as you want it to be.

All that's left to do is close the opening. That is done by hand with a simple hidden stitch.
Put the two sides of the opening together, turning the seam allowance inside and hold together.

Thread your needle with a thread of matching colour and fix it with a knot. Start sewing from the inside beginning close to where the existing seam ends.

Now finish the whole length of the opening by putting the needle through about 1/8 of an inch of fabric at a time, alternating stitches on the right and left side of the opening. Keep the stitches right on top of the folded edges and stitch only through one layer of fabric keeping the thread between the seam allowance and the outer fabric.

This is what your sewing will look like:

Close the whole opening and pull the thread in order to completely close the opening. Then fix the end of the thread, hide it inside the cushion (make the knot close to the fabric, then push the needle with the excess thread through the cushion and, where it comes out on the other side, clip the thread close to the fabric (pay attention to clip just the thread and not cut into your cushion).

And that was it, here's the finished heart cushion:

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